Contractors face many pollution risks stemming from operations at their job sites. These include contaminated soil disposal and the accidental release of fuel oil, chemicals and toxic gases from broken pipelines, utilities, and stationary and mobile fuel tanks. Pollution incidents are a significant risk that can result in serious harm not only to your operations, but to public health and safety as well as to the environment. Environmental pollution risks are complex and new hazards can emerge unexpectedly. Our carriers specialize in protecting a wide range of pollution risks associated with construction projects.

Pollution Liability coverage for:

  • General contractors – commercial, residential, municipal, highway/road, infrastructure, maintenance, mechanical, demolition, industrial, excavation, grading
  • Trade contractors – HVAC, paving, carpentry, concrete
  • Specialty contractors – foundation, pipeline and tank installation, drillers
  • Remediation contractors

Site Liability coverage for:

  • Commercial property owners and developers
  • Real estate portfolio owners and managers
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)