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Informed decisions about insurance

Why TFG Insurance?

Business insurance is not only necessary but can also be a valuable financial tool. A smart insurance strategy from TFG can reduce exposures to loss and increase cost-efficiency. For more than 35 years, TFG Insurance has worked closely with businesses to navigate risk so that they can stay profitable as they grow. TFG Insurance provides strategic expertise for occupational accident insurance.

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Insurance Strategies That Can Save You Money

The best way to save money on your insurance is to make informed decisions. Having needless coverage or gaps in insurance can be extremely costly. A good insurance strategy creates efficiencies that help save money and time. We can identify which plans you truly need, and where there is waste or coverage duplication. We continue to build in efficiencies into your plan as we administer and manage it throughout the year. We are trusted advisors to our clients and provide ongoing consultation as their businesses grow and areas of risk change.

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Why Occupational Insurance is Important

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TFG Insurance takes a
strategic, comprehensive approach that includes:

Practical recommendations for reducing or eliminating risk.
A team of insurance experts and service specialists that assess your needs and provide ongoing consultation.
Review of your current coverage to reduce waste and inefficiency.
In-depth analysis of your property, equipment and inventory and exposures.
Negotiation with underwriters and wholesalers to get you the best pricing on insurance plans.
Identification of acceptable risk and planning for worst-case loss scenarios.

TFG Insurance Expert and Owner

John Scanlon

Attorney and Insurance Specialist
TFG Insurance, LLC
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